winsol Steroid Information

The steroid winsol is produced by man and was extracted from the male sex hormone Testosterone. The Winthrop Laboratories first gained the complete winsol Steroid information and it was produced by them in 1962 and was first approved by FDA. The main purpose of winsol steroid is to serve as a guiding hand for gaining the weight by strengthening of bone mass.

By late 1980’s, the steroid winsol was renowned and used along with the anabolic steroid Anavar. But later it was used to enhance the level of red blood cells in the body and as a medicine for the treatment of a hereditary disease Angioedema which causes the swelling of cells under the skin. It was banned for some time in early 2003 but later was accepted as medicine.

If you are to start taking a steroid, you need to follow a particular guideline to take this steroid. In case of winsol/ Winstrol, you do not need to take a wide amount of dosages. Women should take 10-20 mg of winsol per day and for men the average range of taking winsol steroid ranges from 50 to 100 mg per day. If you are expecting good results from the steroids you need to follow the prescribed dosages of winsol.

It is mostly used by the Athletes and Bodybuilders in building up the strong muscles. This winsol steroid information also tells us that they are quite helpful in cutting as well as bulking cycles. For the whole Cycle, some of the users take starting it from 50 mg to maximum 100 mg. But this higher dosage of this steroid can damage your liver as it cause variation in the Lipid level. This high level of this steroid can even cause severe toxicity of the liver.

winsol steroid information tells us that this higher steroid level can be useful only for a shorter period of time. This information shows that competitive Bodybuilders can take 100 mg for the earlier days and taking this range steroid can be very useful for the Bodybuilder. For the enhancement of solidity in their bodies and physique, some of the bodybuilders take 50 mg of winsol steroid for about 6 weeks and then increase it 100mg.

One of the greatest benefits of winsol steroids is that they cannot add additional body mass onto you but just strengthens the muscular activity that helps a lot in the Athletic Performance. Besides these, you need to take a higher dosage of this steroid for cutting and bulking cycles.

Besides all of the winsol steroid benefits, it has some major disadvantages. It can cause damage to the abdomen, kidneys and majorly to a liver. If you experience any inconvenience in taking it you should immediately consult your doctor for the solution.

Where to Buy winsol?

Though it is a legal steroid but still it is not easily available in the pharmacies. But you can buy it from the online pharmacies like crazybulk. They are not only selling winsol in the bottles but have also made bulking and cutting stacks which increases its working and help you get better results. So, try it and get your ideal body physique without much effort.