Side Effects of winsol for Health Care

winsol is an anabolic steroid that is mostly used by Athletes and bodybuilders. Its main function is to increase the muscle mass and to reduce the fat in the body. It helps to maintain the body shape and increases the red blood cell production. It is used as a treatment for the diseases like Angioedema and anemia.

But besides all its advantages, it has some major side effects. Steroids of all the kind do have the prominent and immediate effects in individuals, but all of them have side effects. Side effects of winsol only occur if the steroids are misused, either taken in excess or are missed.

If winsol is frequently used it can cause some serious problems like damage to liver, breakout of acne on the chest and back, disturbed and irregular menstrual cycle and the appearance of thick hair in women and reduced sperm production in men.

There are many side effects of winsol. Although the most common side effects are rash on the skin, nausea feeling and vomiting. It can cause the frequent mood swings in both the men and women. It leads to chronic pain in joints. It can cause an outbreak of acne on the chest region and can be the cause of Jaundice, a disease which leads to yellowish eyes and skin.

It is necessary to consult an appropriate doctor immediately if you observe any of these side effects of winsol. Individuals can suffer from permanent damage to the liver and other major organs if these symptoms are prolonged and not treated. You can get the possible recovery by consulting a doctor who will be able to understand your problem and can refer possible medication.

Sometimes, the use of winsol steroid can lead to uncommon side effects in patients. It can lead to allergic reactions in people who take these steroids excessively. The patient needs to consult a doctor immediately if he observes any of these side effects.

Serious side effects of winsol include hives, breathing difficulty, swelling in the lips, throat, tongue or face. It can be the cause of severe headaches.

Some effects that are not fatal have also been observed in patients taking this steroid. These include variation in sexual desire, insomnia, arms and legs swell and frequent erections. Side effects of winsol also include depression, disturbance in the gastrointestinal system and abdominal pain. The itching and tenderness in sensitive body parts such as nipples, increased cholesterol levels, fatigue and enlargement of the prostate are also the symptoms observed in the patients.

In men, the excess use of winsol steroid can cause a reduction in sperm level and baldness. Liver damage is the most common negative effect observed in men. It can be fatal by over dosage. While in women, body hair, variation in menstrual cycle and tenderness in breasts have been observed. You need to consult your doctor if any of these side effects occur and stop the usage of winsol steroid.